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Satna Smart City

Region of Baghelkhand a large part of which was ruled by the state of Rewa.

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Mr. Amanbir Singh Bains (I.A.S.)
Satna Municipal Corporation

The Satna District is part of the region of Baghelkhand a large part of which was ruled by the state of Rewa. A small part of Satna was ruled by feudatory chiefs, holding their states under the British Raj. Satna name comes from the Satna River (or Sutna) which originates at Sarang Ashram (Sutikshna Ashram), situated near Sarangpur village in the Panna district. Previously, Sutna was the name of the railway station the town being Raghurajnagar, but gradually the name of the station became associated with the city that is now Satna.


During the Ramayana Era, Lord Rama stayed in the region of chitrakoot, half of h is in the outskirts of Satna the other in Uttar pradesh.


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