Who Is Who
Sno. Name Designation
1. Rajesh shahi Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Satna
2. Bhupendra Dev Parmar Deputy Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Satna
3. S.K. Singh Supredental Engineer, Municipal Corporation Satna
4. S.D. Pandey Asst.Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Satna
5. - -
6. Shailendra Chouhan  Asst.Commissioner,  Municipal Corporation Satna
7. Yogesh Tiwari Executive Engineer, Municipal Corporation Satna
8. Arun Tiwari Executive Engineer, Municipal Corporation Satna
9. Nagendra Singh Executive Engineer, Municipal Corporation Satna
10. Brijesh Mishra Health Officer, Municipal Corporation Satna
11. Ramakant Shukla Encroachment Officer,Municipal Corporation Satna


हमारी कार्य प्रक्रिया

विचार और डिजाइन

With righteous indignation and works off beguiled demoralized charm.



Our power of choice is untrammelled and when nothing prevents.



Wing to the claims of duty the obligations will frequently occur.